PRATO comes equipped with coloured “Inserts” used to give indications or mark off parking spaces or special areas such as
for loading/unloading goods, for disabled persons and/or other reserved areas. For example, to mark off a parking space from the surrounding area: 40 blue inserts for public or paying parking lots; 40 white inserts for non-paying parking areas; 40 yellow inserts for reserved parking areas*. The inserts are available in white, yellow and blue according to the safety standards for road signs, as
well as in red.

To make stylised drawings on the ground and to identify the relevant usages, ready-made KITS are available which include enough
inserts to:

show the symbol “P” for “PARKING”: 25 inserts
create the symbol “R” for “RESERVED”: 29 inserts
create the road sign for the area reserved to disabled persons: 40 inserts.

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