The fast and safe drainage of rain water has always been one of the biggest problems in man’s history, especially with the current climatic changes which make it more and more important in terms of security. To the rain water must be added all the liquids deriving from the industry which must be quickly removed and collected into the suitable purification plants. MufleSystem, leader in the linear drainage system in HD-PE, in stainless steel and in the punctual drainage, is specialized in water conveying system towards collection lines or points and offers innovative solutions and designs for water drainage. The drainage products of MufleSystem decrease the environmental impact and are certified according to high quality standards.

The Mission

Our company identity has been created on the experience and professionalism of our people and allows us to achieve the leadership in product’s innovation and draining systems for liquids convoy, mainly for meteoric and industrial waters. The careful company management and the continuous analysis of markets’ and Clients’ increase the value of every project and ensure a constant capital return to the shareholders but also guarantee a fair and consistent relationship with all our business partners.

The vision

In order to become a leader company both for clients and competitors, MufleSystem pursues to reach a sustainable and profi table market niche through a constant products’ and services’ innovation.

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